Michelle Obama’s Curious Party Dress

The Dress

The Dress

The Manifesto

The Manifesto

The dress bears a striking resemblance to the cover of the Weather Underground’s Communist Manifesto Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, which was written and published in 1974 by William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and other members of the Weather Underground.  Bill Ayers on April 12, 2002:

“I considered myself partly an anarchist then and consider myself partly an anarchist now. I mean I’m as much an anarchist as I am a Marxist…. I’m very open about what I think and nobody here is surprised by what I think.

Is one of those regrets that I took extreme measures against the United States at a time of tremendous crisis? No it is not. I don’t regret that. The people of the world are being exploited and oppressed and militarized by the great imperialist powers, led by the United States. That is the situation today in my view.

And I’m not sorry about anything that I participated
to try to end that war or against that government that was waging that war.”  Bill Ayers


Anarcho-Syndicalist Flag

Anarcho-Syndicalist Flag



…according to the Syndicalist view, the trade union, the syndicate, is the unified organisation of labour and has for its purpose the defence of the interests of the producers within existing society and the preparing for and the practical carrying out of the reconstruction of social life after the pattern of Socialism.

Rudolf Rocker


18 responses to “Michelle Obama’s Curious Party Dress

  1. That is very scary, as are MO and BHO.

  2. You’re an idiot.

  3. Very funny! Great humor!

  4. propitiousmoment

    Get a life!

  5. Oh please, this is just ridiculous! LoL…. you people are so weird 🙂

  6. Hey those were the good old days! Too bad YOU missed them. Get an education…

  7. Go back under the rock from whence you come from…there is one thing about class, you just cannot buy it! You either have or you don’t! I have found that uneducated people usually lack class and replace it with hatred and prejudice…the poorer…the more hateful! The OBAMA Family is a CLASS ACT! God belss them and God bless America…all of us! Not just the racists and bigots, for uif anybody need GOD…they do! For their hearts are full of evil and hatred, and I can imagine just how miserable one must be to be full of HATE! Unless you are the devil!!!!

  8. I was a woman working on Wall Street for 27 years so getting called an idiot by a man or the devil by a woman does not even make me flich, now intelligent constructive criticism just might be a way to get my attention….and perhaps respect and admiration.

    You see this blog is an expression of my fear for the decline of our civil rights under an Obama administration. He has not been fully vetted in my opinion, an opinion I am free to express at least until he is inaugurated.

    I live that belief by having approved your offensive messages.

  9. Please, you do not really belive Michelle chose her dress to resemble the cover of Ayers book. Can you not see why such a statement would subject you to ridicule?

    As for Obama’s alleged plan to take away your civil rights, what he is really planning to do is to restore all of the ones that Bush took away in the last 8 years. Yes, from you. Obama will give them back to you.

    Beyond that, if you do a little research beyond the everyday mainstream media, you will find out that the biggest influence on his political thinking was Reinhold Niebuhr, who espoused incremental change, not dramatic sweeping revolutions. Obama is a moderate American liberal, not a bloody revolutionary.

  10. propitiousmoment
    Thank you for your comment…I actually do believe it, as everything, particularly the “branding” of Obama has been incredibly scripted. It may also have to do with my having gone to art and film school (I know, strange for an investment banker)…but, I know how effective visuals can be. I find it hard to fathom that given the incredible iconography that has already come out of the Obama machine that they did not carefully select how they would be perceived on one of the top 5 nights of thier lives with millions of people watching. These colors and symbols mean alot, particularly to Europeans…

    “Why the red-and-black flag? The red-and-black flag has been associated with anarchism for some time. Murray Bookchin places the creation of this flag in Spain: “The presence of black flags together with red ones became a feature of Anarchist demonstrations throughout Europe and the Americas. With the establishment of the CNT [in 1910], a single flag on which black and red were separated diagonally, was adopted and used mainly in Spain.” [The Spanish Anarchists, p. 57] However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the red-and-black flag spread across to other countries, particularly those with strong links to Spain (such as other Latin countries). For example, during the “Two Red Years” in Italy which culminated in the factory occupations of 1920 (see section A.5.5) the red-and-black flag was raised by workers in revolt [Gwyn A. Williams, Proletarian Order, p. 241] Similarly, Augusto Sandino, the radical Nicaraguan national liberation fighter was so inspired by the example of the Mexican anarcho-syndicalists during the Mexican revolution that he based his movement’s flag on their red-and-black ones (the Sandinista’s flag is divided horizontally, rather than diagonally). As historian Donald C. Hodges notes, Sandino’s “red and black flag had an anarcho-syndicalist origin, having been introduced into Mexico by Spanish immigrants.” Unsurprisingly, his flag was considered a “workers’ flag symbolising their struggle for liberation.” (Hodges refers to Sandino’s “peculiar brand of anarcho-communism” suggesting that his appropriation of the flag indicated a strong libertarian theme to his politics). [Intellectual Foundations of the Nicaraguan Revolution, p. 49, p. 137, p. 19]”

    propitiousmoment, I am grateful that you have given me another clue about Obama’s political philosophy, and I will endeavor to read some of Niebuhr’s work. However, I am sure he is also acquinted with Murray Bookchin, quoted above and described as follows:

    Murray Bookchin (January 14, 1921 – July 30, 2006)[4] was an American libertarian socialist, political and social philosopher, speaker and writer. For much of his life he called himself an anarchist, although as early as 1995 he privately renounced his identification with the anarchist movement.[5] A pioneer in the ecology movement,[6] Bookchin was the founder of the social ecology movement within libertarian socialist and ecological thought. He was the author of two dozen books on politics, philosophy, history, and urban affairs as well as ecology.Bookchin was a radical anti-capitalist and vocal advocate of the decentralisation of society. His writings on libertarian municipalism, a theory of face-to-face, grassroots democracy, had an influence on the Green Movement and anti-capitalist direct action groups such as Reclaim the Streets.

  11. propitiousmoment

    Given Barack’s lack of interest in clothes, I seriously doubt that he had anything to do with Michelle’s choice of outfit, on that or any other occasion. The red and black flag may have been the source of inspiration for the cover of Ayers’ book, but given that the O’s are NOT socialist, NOT anarchists, and NOT intimately tied to Ayers, the dress was a fashion choice and nothing more.

  12. ok..you are weirding me out…do you have direct knowledge in “Barack’s” lack of interest in clothes?…I love talking with you, propitiousmoment, but I never said Barack or Michele were interested in clothes…actually neither am I…I said they were interested in Symbolysm or exploiting symbiotic relationships.

  13. propitiousmoment

    Yes, there’s plenty of evidence of Barack’s lack of interest in fashion. Read or watch some of the stuff that’s out there, I’m not going to detail it for you. There is absolutely no symbolism in their choices of attire on election night. None. Period. You have seized on a miniscule, interesting tidbit of coincidence and amplified it into a whole conspiracy theory. Surely with your background you could find something substantive upon which to hang your anxieties and aspirations.

  14. I am retired and currently it is a free country…I choose to now keep a watchful eye on BHO and what I think will be a revolution from within. When your messiah is sworn in, I am sure there will be plenty of substance to write about. In the meantime, you seem to be worried about what I am doing as you have spent a disproportionate amount of time here yesterday and into the night…and always coming down to a personal attack on me…but, I remain undaunted…Thanks for stopping in…keep in touch…

  15. propitiousmoment

    Take it personally if you like, I am commenting on your position, not your person. I have never said O is the messiah, I have only given you facts in answer to your fantasies. Enjoy.

  16. propitiousmoment
    Thanks for checking in…check out my new post on O meeting his own job application requirements…

  17. For those who say Obam has no interest in clothes, take a look at what he wore to yesterday’s press conference announcing Hillary as his selection for SOS: You guessed it! Black suit, red tie. Black and Red. This is not a coincidence. You watch, it will be his trademark. A constant signal to his communist mentors and backers.

  18. So I guess the Chicago Bulls are a bunch of anarchists, too? GEEZ…

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