Hypocrite Bruce…Far from the swamps of Jersey

Far from the swamps of Jersey…Bruce Springsteen has lived in Rumson, NJ since the mid eighties and for the first time in all those years a Democrat ran this year against Republicans in the election for the town council.

…in the history of this upper-crust borough, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, no Democrat has ever been elected mayor. And if any have made it to the council, historian George Moss is unaware of them.  “I don’t think there were any,” says Moss, who served on the governing body from 1944 to 1984.   

Mayor John Ekdahl acknowledged that Steinhorn’s challenge was a noteworthy variation from the recent past, as Republicans have generally had the ballot all to themselves.

“Our party hasn’t been opposed in about 20 years,” Ekdahl says.

From redbankgreen.com



 NYTimes July 20, 1907

So while Springsteen supports the most left wing candidate ever to be elected President, he lives in a town which has been governed (and by many accounts and personal experience – very well governed) by Republicans for its entire 100 year history.   Not only has the town been governed by Republicans, but until this year, for the last 20-25yrs they ran unopposed.  I lived in Rumson from 1997 until a year ago January and not having a choice on the ballot really bothered me…and I was a Republican.  It bothered me so much that even though I voted straight ticket Republican most of the time, when I got to the Mayor and Council portion of the ballot, I left it blank (a weak useless protest, I know).

Perhaps, Bruce feels comfortable in an environment of one-party rule…a situation I fear we may confront in an Obama presidency. (Yes I am afraid we will no longer have free or otherwise elections)  However, I would suggest that while Bruce wants to help the masses rise, racial equality, blah blah blah, he chooses to live in a capitalist oriented (it’s a wall street bedroom community),  sequestered enclave that requires some serious coin as a ticket to entrée.  And by the way, is far from racially integrated to boot:

The racial makeup of the borough (of Rumson) was 97.77% White, 0.24% African American, 0.06% Native American, 1.06% Asian, 0.36% from other races, and 0.50% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.39% of the population.                                                                                                                                              Wikipedia  2000 census

I have been a fan for most of my life, but I can no longer bear to listen to Bruce.

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