63 Questions for an O job…Obama’s Application to a Post in His Administration

Thanks to the NYTimes (that was hard to get out…), we now have an idea of the criteria by which President-Elect Obama will judge applicants for posts in his Administration. Just for fun we took a stab at how he might answer…His answers are still developing…so bear with me here…












13 responses to “63 Questions for an O job…Obama’s Application to a Post in His Administration

  1. Very entertaining. It is unbelievable that this information in its totality has had no effect on the electorate.

  2. thanks to the media sheeple and Hollywood
    he gets a free ride.
    Oh how lovely

  3. Athena the Warrior

    I love this. I’d love to see this in the media as a side by side comparison.

  4. Nothing new here. Nothing I haven’t heard from the GOP & Palin on the campaign trail over and over and over again.

  5. Let’s see McCain’s responses to these questions. I’d be especially interested in number 18. Oh wait, McCain can’t answer these because he isn’t the President-Elect. So sorry. Also, I love how you pick and chose which questions to post his “responses” to. Why not post the entire list? Are these just the most convenient for you to rip into him about?

  6. You’re a nut job. Really. You should just go kill yourself. I can’t believe you or anyone else could believe this malicious, spiteful drivel. Go flag down the nearest black helicopter and ask them if they’ll rendition you to the spaceship hiding in the tail of the comet that is flying through your fantasies.

  7. propitiousmoment

    There is an unbelievable amount of ignorance underlying the “responses” to these items. Just for starters, no thesis was written by him in graduate school, as he was in a law program, not a master’s program. He wrote a “senior thesis” in an undergrad honors program but that is not a publishable document. By the way, that’s an HONORS program, that tells you how he did in college. He graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from law school, that means “with HIGHEST HONORS” plus he was the president of the Harvard Law Review – that tells you how he did in graduate school. His birth certificate info has been checked into ad nauseum, if you do not believe such sources as factcheck.org then you are a “true believer” and not amenable to persuasion by actual hard FACTS. His “questionable associations” have been investigated, also ad nauseum, and found to be nothing more than the baseless imaginings of ignorant, gullible partisans, to put it kindly. Also, I second the comment from Daniel, above. Again, surely you can find something constructive to pour your considerable energy and intellect into, instead of tearing down a genuine example of the American promise. Such negativity has a toxic effect on the source (yourself) but likely no effect at all on the target, Mr. Obama, because he is too busy doing something productive with his time, talents, and energy. You would do well to allow yourself to be inspired by his journey and by his leadership, to get to work contributing what you can to the enormous task that faces this country and the world at this critical time in history. Instead of jealously tearing down those who have the tools and the will and the opportunity to fix it, you should be putting your shoulder to the wheel along with them. That is all I will ever say to you again.

  8. propitiousmoment

    Sorry, that was the next-to-last thing 🙂

    1. I mis-typed Obama’s honors at Harvard – it was SUMMA CUM LAUDE, which does mean with highest honors. Magna cum laude means with high honors, cum laude means with honors, even if it had been only one of those, it is still a considerable achievement.

    2. The kind of narrow-minded, trivial attacks that you are wasting your energy on here, are the kind of thing that stir up people like the skinhead would-be assassins who heading for indictment right now in TN. Is that the effect you want to have on the world, to stir up murder and hate? Why not use your skills to leave the world a BETTER place?

    And THAT is all I will say.

  9. Chicago Trubune:
    In a new afterword to his 2001 memoir, Fugitive Days, Bill Ayers refers to himself as a “family friend” of President-elect Barack Obama, according to a copy of the manuscript obtained by the Chicago Tribune:
    Ayers …summarized his relationship with Obama: “[W]e had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends…
    propitiousmoment, the truth will set you free….

  10. propitiousmoment

    And THAT is the best you can do. BFD. Get a life.

  11. propitiousmoment
    I am going to repeat what I said the other day, below…Although retired, I don’t have time to argue each of your points, I never said Obama wasn’t intelligent and articulate…I believe he is a Socialist in Centrist clothes…whatever, you still seem to spend a disproportionate amount of your time here…Clearly I have touched a nerve…

    “I am retired and currently it is a free country…I choose to now keep a watchful eye on BHO and what I think will be a revolution from within. When your messiah is sworn in, I am sure there will be plenty of substance to write about. In the meantime, you seem to be worried about what I am doing as you have spent a disproportionate amount of time here yesterday and into the night…and always coming down to a personal attack on me…but, I remain undaunted…Thanks for stopping in…keep in touch…”

  12. What is amazing is that this material/info was out there BEFORE the election, but the guy was “elected” anyhow. OBVIOUSLY, there was a LOT of CHEATING & LYING going on.

    Also, to PropitiousMoment, you are a deluded fool.

    • Hey Amazing…Thanks for coming by…Was never rocket science….But I love my country as the founders envisioned…I appreciate that that might have entailed some regulation…but not the creeping Socialist system we have now…

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